How on Earth Does Our Guardian Angel Talk With Us?


How on Earth Does Our Guardian Angel Talk With Us?


In this beautiful book the children creatively explore their connection to the divine.  

They set off on a lively discovery to see if they actually do have a guardian spirit, and what that may look and feel like.  A story for all ages, it offers new points of view.  Leni's line drawings of the angels originated from the wisdom of the children, over the course of a year of their advice. They may not be what we adults have perceived, so be surprised.  

This book also offers a gentle and loving guided visualization to connect and communicate with your wise guidance. We know you'll love it.

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To help children explore their connection with the divine.

To help children experience and trust that loving awareness is always present, helping them to feel guided and safe.

To become aware of how communication can be subtle and non verbal.

To deepen listening skills, and increase a sense of safety and wellbeing.

To deepen the art of meaningful conversation.


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