Deluxe Scandinavian Meditation Kit for Kids: Gold


Deluxe Scandinavian Meditation Kit for Kids: Gold


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Starfire's Deluxe Meditation Kit is designed to enhance daily awareness, daily practice, and now we are adding the art of creating a cozy, sacred space to rest within. Its guides children to experience the value of having a calm space in a busy world.  In this kit we include elements of a basic meditation practice: a framed image, 5 gold, flickering candles (battery operated that kids love) and two support items: an empowerment bracelet and a touch token.

We call them “Scandinavian Meditation Kits.” Why?  Because Scandinavian countries have this very unique national practice of creating “cozy spaces” to hang out in, alone and together.  It's a simple and important life skill.  Most often it involves lighting candles, or cool twinkle lights, and turning off the room's bright lights.  Then you gather a comfy blanket or throw, and take a time out to just be present and cozy.  This art has different word in each country.  We borrowed the word from our Danish heritage: Hygge.

Overall, children begin to learn the art of making a sacred place for themselves.  They love lighting the candles, place the elements on a tray or mirror,  and practice just hanging out in this way.  Inside each meditation kit, are directions for starting the creation of your own "hygge."

Book 2: Gold

Contents:  Angel book; framed wings illustration from the book; 5 gold flickering flame, battery candles: 2 tall, 3 short; 1 gold empowerment bracelet with the intention: Loving Awareness is Around Me and Within Me, 1 gold pocket angel.


To experience that connecting with the divine is a wise and wonderful practice.

To learn the practice and value of taking the time to relax by creating a safe, cozy, and sacred place for your self, and just hang out.  

To realize that doing this for one's self, family and close friends creates real meaning, connection, and wellbeing.

We have heard reports of toddlers who love this as a bedtime practice. Its been especially helpful for children who are afraid of the dark, or, have nighttime terrors.  Bedtime can become a time to look forward to creating "hygge" with the candles, reading the story, and going off to sleep with good feelings. Often they may ask to leave the candles on all night, so if they wake up they can remember and feel safe before falling back to sleep.

 It has worked wonders!

Directions: Set up the “hygge” first by lighting the candles and getting cozy.  Then read the book.  It has a lovely, gentle guided meditation to meet with your guardian angel, whatever that is to you. Children say that they just love hanging out in the golden light of the candles, it makes them relax and let go.

With this context, children experience the value of taking time to connect not only with themselves, but with a loving presence that is always around and within them.  They also can learn a self care practice that they can do in a day or in the evening to restore their sense of connection.

Whether at home or in the world, this kit helps children explore and experience their own connection with the loving awareness.


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