Sessions, labs, meditations and mentoring are safe and sacred spaces for discovery, realization and transformation with regard to the self and the complex network of relationships within which this self exists.

These services are designed as deliberate opportunities for breakthroughs, perceptual shifts, growth and transformations that increase your wholeness, wellbeing and radiance.

Services are co-creative in nature, and include soul mentoring, spiritual guidance, path work, discovery of root issues, beliefs and dynamics in persistent conditions and challenges. We encourage you to show up fully and shine that light of yours through those gorgeous colors of your soul.

Options for Services: 

Individual Sessions

Learning Labs



Session Structures:

Clients decide between two session structures: Time Bound , contained by the clock, or, Issue Bound contained by the issue in focus.


Session Rates begin at the scheduled time, with regard to emergencies of course. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so within 24 hours.

Sessions can be also done long distance by phone or by Skype.

Adult Rates:  $150.00 per hour

Please contact Leni Erickson to schedule an appointment. She looks forward to co-creating with you.



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