Life Labs
Exploring the Wisdom in Nature ®

Leni’s Life Labs are creative environments for the exploration of what things are, and how they work.  The framework is well defined, and the process is based on the socratic method of inquiry.  All Labs are creative and experiential in approach, with practical applications.  They are all original creations, and require full participation.

Life Labs explore concepts, cosmologies, conditions, dynamics and realities.  They are designed to awaken perception, ignite our individual and collective wisdom, and practice the art of conscious relationship: to self, others, nature and this life we all share.

There are three levels: Foundation Studies, Advanced Studies, and Speciality Studies.


Examples of LIfe Labs:

Foundation Studies

1. Cosmologies & Your World View:

What cosmology do you base your life within?"  This is a question that Leni has asked others since high school.  Most people are bewildered by the inquiry, yet it is our cosmology that shapes our reality. In this Lab we explore what a cosmology is, and how it structures and shapes reality individually and collectively.  Outcome: To identify the cosmology that you base your own life within, and how it influences you.

2. Anatomy of Matter:

"Who are we really?" Kids ask this question.  In this Lab Leni presents ideas about the anatomy of matter, how it gets structured and experienced.  She then applies these concepts to the self and presents the many cosmologies of the self that appear in societies and mystical orders that are often hidden from view.  Through this process we supply the intellect with information that allows it to open to a more unbounded idea of the self that is full of life and ready for anything.

3. The Self & Relationships:

In this Lab Leni presents 10 levels of relationship for self mastery.  We explore each of these relationship forms as a field of consciousness, rich with patterns, habits, memory and knowing. We seek to both understand and gain tools of self mastery of relationships.

4. The Sacred & the Secular: Walking the Talk

This Lab is for those who truly want to integrate wisdom into daily life.  It is designed to help you create your own daily practice of self mastery, no matter what level.  It is for those who truly want to "walk the talk."

5.  Compass Work:

This Lab gives an overview to the art and science of reading energy and vibration.  It provides basic tools and practice for you to begin this very precise work in safe and clear ways.



Advanced Studies

1.  The Language of Energy & The Elements of Form:

The five elements have been a foundation of matter in many cultures, cosmologies and times on our planet.  Getting to know them, feel them, experience them and see how they make us up, how they make us work or not, is key to this Lab.  Each element is richly coded with patterns, habits and memory. And they can be decoded and experienced.  We will gather and travel on these rich streams of consciousness experiencing the inherent information in its nature and how it is in us.

2. The Nature of Power & The Power of Nature:

What is power? In this Lab we explore the essence of power, how it is defined at various levels of development and evolution, and how it is used in society and nature.  Each person is encouraged to explore their own definitions of power, with the goal of understanding what it truly means to be empowered. We will also create new understanding and skills in working with the forces in nature.

More samples:

3. A Perfect Ten: In Search of a Unifying Cosmology

4. The Mysteries of Creation: Processes & Patterns of Manifestation

5. The Energetics of Relationship & the Shadow Side of Power

6. Walking the Talk:  Creating a deeper daily practice

7. Compass Work: Advanced Skills in Reading and Tracking Energy



Speciality Labs

~Advanced Labs for Healers in Practice:

1. Awakening the Healer Within

2. Principles, Practices and Pulses of Subtle Energy Medicine

3. Compass Work: Advanced study for healers

4. Consultation Class: healers gather and present issues for clarification

5. Mentoring


~Sacred Spaces: Creating Mandalas and Altars
Mandalas are maps to anchor consciousness, and give us direction within the holographic Universe. We will use deep sourcing to generate our own individual mandalas and learn how to use them effectively in daily life. We will also create an altar for our mandala as a physical, sacred space in our home. Mandalas are tools to source direction, and altars serve as places of daily remembrance of the gift of life we are given. Together they represent a time to connect, reflect, and express gratitude for life and it’s wonders.

~ Crystal Bowls: Meditations and Group Energy Balances
In these gatherings we use sound and sound harmonics as powerful tools for the restoration of harmony within us. The pure tones of the crystal bowls stimulate the release of tension and stress, calms and centers one’s focus, and serves to reconnect us to our vital life force. People experience deepened states of awareness, dissolution of separation, increased sensitivity to others, and a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. Together the group experiences the creation of sacred space with fellow travelers.

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