Self Awareness Set, Gold


Self Awareness Set, Gold


In this book the children explore and experience their connection to divine guidance.  Not only to they become aware of it, but they also learn to trust it as wise guidance that is always with them.

This Self Awareness Set includes 2 tools to start them on a daily practice of feeling their connection with the divine at all times.

The gold Empowerment Bracelet holds the intention: Loving Awareness is Around Me and Within Me.  I Am Not Alone.  It also includes a smooth gold pocket angel token, again to support and deepen their trust and awareness in the divine.

This set comes packaged in a clear translucent portfolio, so the kids can learn to take good care of their special things.


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To connect children with divine guidance.

To practice trusting that divine guidance in within them and around them.

To become aware that communication can be subtle and non verbal.

To deepen listening skills, and increase a sense of safety and wellbeing.

To deepen the art of connection and meaningful conversation.

To develop a daily practice of mindfulness using the 2 tools as reminders of life lessons and skills.

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