Scandinavian Meditation Kit for Kids- Gold

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Scandinavian Meditation Kit for Kids- Gold

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Starfire's Scandinavian Meditation Kits are innovative, cool, and effective.  They supply elements and directions to teach children the aft of creating "hygge," which is Danish for taking a well deserved and restorative "time-out."

The word for this practice is different in each Scandinavian country, but all countries value and practice this art of stopping life in the fast lane, and tuning into one's self to hang-out, relax, and restore.  It is a simple and important life skill, and national practice.  Plus children of all ages love it!

Contents:  The kit contains basic elements for a meditation practice: a framed image for focused intent, 5 gold flickering flame candles (battery operated that children love); an empowerment bracelet that holds an intention: Loving Awareness is Around Me and Within Me; and a soft, smooth gold pocket angel.

The kids love this practice, the elements, and look forward to doing feeling its magic and wonder.

It comes packaged in a cellophane bag.



To develop the art of connecting with our divine, loving awareness.

To experience that loving awareness is trustworthy and wise.

To practice the art of being present in a creative, safe, and sacred way.

To experience the value of a quieting practice with our full and busy lives.



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