How Do You Know You Have A Soul?


How Do You Know You Have A Soul?


This first book in The Starfire Collection is a spirited inquiry and shared wisdom exploring who we are, and how we work.

Through the process of creative discovery, the children realize how valuable their true self is, the gifts we each hold, and how amazing we are individually.

Be prepared to wonder and feel!

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To build self awareness, self respect and true self esteem from the inside out.

To understand what it is to be an original, a true one of a kind.

To explore and experience the creativity and wisdom in their soul, their individuality.

To acknowledge your own inner knowing and internal guidance.

To feel safe and happy being your self.

To deepen the art of meaningful conversation. 


The illustrations and definitions of "soul" are as unique as each of us.  The excitement and clarity of each young voice coupled with the commentary and narration of Erickson, provides each reader with a rich and powerful connection to the wonder of the world.  Erickson's palette of deep blues and glistening whites provide a beautiful backdrop to the words of wisdom and witness. A must read for anyone interested in visiting the magic insight of true co-creation.

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