"Out of the Blue"

Out of the blue came 3 wildly wonderful invitations to share my life work about the Unified Field and conscious co-creating via my medium of Starfire Beads.

The beads and I were invited to participate in October 2018 British Vogue, and November 2018 British GQ. While the pieces are small in size, it is an honor to be asked and included in such esteemed places where they profile global designers.

Coming later will be a similar, small piece in the magazine of my muse “House of Coco,” and this will also include an online interview. When I get stumped in the creative process, I always ask “Coco, what would you do?” So somehow, my Mentor heard me.

I am happy, humbled and “over-the-Moon” delighted.

Thank you to so many of you for your love and support.

Here is the piece that is in British Vogue and British GQ…….


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