"Field Studies: The Field, Space, Time & Energy"

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The Field, Space Time and Matter.jpg

"Field Studies: The Field, Space, Time & Energy"


In this unique set of 4 individual pieces, you have 4 of the elements to explore the “Unified Field” and it’s basics. The Unified Field has also been called the Zero Point Field, Quantum Field, and “The Field.” With this set, you can learn to play in this living matrix and learn its OS. It is very profound and delightful to use and beautiful to wear. Some days you may just want to wear one piece, or two. Let the Field guide you.

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I have guided classes for people to explore and experience the research often called “unified field,” or the “quantum field,” or the “zero point” field. So many names for this valuable research that has been going on since the 1840’s by people like Telsa, and later Einstein.

This exploration has been my life work. So when I started to explore linking this information into beads, “the Field” cooperated, and lead me to a gentleman who purchased stones from Einstein’s home where he was working on the field in 1905. They serve as anchor stones for each piece.

Unified Field Studies: The Field, Space, Time, Energy & Matter is a set in which you will have all pieces to decide what and when you will wear them and bring your awareness to a particular aspect. You can also purchase just one…. Or how many you’d like, and do this over time to build your Field Studies collection.

Each one is ready for your own intentions.

Stones: Hematite, Druzy Agates, Einstein Paver Stones, & Lemon Quartz Crystals

Length: The Field 36”, Space 34”, Time 32”, Energy 29”

All of our Starfire Beads are handmade with natural stones and materials, so the stones sizecolor and shape can vary slightly, since the Beads are created naturally and each one is original and unique. Please expect slight variations.

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