"Field Studies: The Field, Space & Matter"

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The Field, Space and Matter.jpg

"Field Studies: The Field, Space & Matter"


Tools for daily practice. Mix and match. Learn. Wake up to work with them.

The Field” necklace……

I wear my “Field” necklace almost daily. It helps me to remember "the Field" is aware of and responding to me constantly. And so many magical things have happened when I do this practice daily.

The bead is cut from a paver stone that was leading out of the door of Einstein’s home, where he was living in 1905, working on field dynamics and the theory of relativity.

The first element: Space. Infinite space.

This piece holds the awareness and practice of seeing, sensing, and honoring space. We hold space for others. We hold space for ourselves. Space is a powerful force of co-creation.

As you can see, the 4th Element, Matter is a manifestation of so many wonderful elements: space, time, energy coalesce into density. I love it!

The larger lemon crystal represents: All life matters. The smaller crystal represents: My life matters. A wonderful awareness practice.

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Stones: Hematite, Druzy Agates, Einstein Paver Stones, & Lemon Quartz Crystals. The Field is on Antique Gold Hypoallergenic Chain.

Length: The Field 36”, Space 34", Matter 27"

All of our Starfire Beads are handmade with natural stones and materials, so the stones sizecolor and shape can vary slightly, since the Beads are created naturally and each one is original and unique. Please expect slight variations.

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