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The creative fires have been a constant my entire life, from early forts in forests, dazzling jewels in galleries, to adventures around the globe and into quantum science.  It is a reciprocal relationship that continually ignites me.

The threads that form my foundation are my love of color, patterns, nature, and spirituality. I have spent time exploring each of those areas independently, and now I am uniting all of those elements into Starfire Beads, that explore the wisdom in our nature.

Photos of the Maasai in Africa mesmerized me in high school.  What information is stored in those pattern held in their brightly colored jewels?  

While in college studying who we are and how we learn, I spent most of my time in sculpture classes. I was fortunate to be taught by the amazing sculptor Katherine Nash. Later, I was blessed to study master works of art in Europe, under the guidance of master painter and sculptor Joseph Sheppard, of Baltimore and Italy.

In art school, intrigued by what makes something come alive, I focused on color and luminesence.  To this mix I added figure drawing with the profound Judith Roode, I explored color with the amazing Rebeccah Alm, and I would learn anything with the creative genius, Gerry Allen. Under their guidance and discipline, I would grow in my knowledge of creativity, creative process, and what makes art work. 

While working in the Boston Center for the Arts, I bridged passionate pastels of the human body, with quirky line drawings of human consciousness.  A few years later, my job was to design high end jewelry that sold in art galleries nationwide.

Almost thirty years ago I was suddenly launched into the then unknown world called the "healing arts."   Out of those creative fires my new work emerged. For the past decades I have had a practice I call "The Art &  Science of the Soul."

In 2014, images of the beads awakened within me again. It was an invitation to link together my own elements: my passion for art, my love of color, my understanding of quantum physics and consciousness.

I want to link these beads with my love of the ancient and timeless wisdom traditions, which hold deep meaning for me.  I also want to connect artisans creating in remote villages with our urban lives.  I originally called this new work "Prayer Beads & Medicine Necklaces." Now we are "Starfire Beads."

Why did I originally use these terms?  I wanted to explore the differences between jewelry and prayer beads and medicine necklaces.  I also want these beads to be about connection to something beyond the visible. 

Prayer is a universal means of connection to an aware presence, that dates back thousands of years.  Prayer beads are a tool to support that connection. Medicine is a term for something that promotes wellbeing.  These bead collections align with a transcendent awareness shared by all people.

I could not bring these beads completely to life without the creative fire, commitment, and skills of Jessie Lavintman, and organization skills of Janelle Kuznia.  I also am grateful for the wonderful guidance along this way.

We hope your experience of these pieces awaken and ignites you in new ways.

We want them to be timeless treasures that you infuse with your energy, daily practice, and delight.

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