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  Exploring the Wisdom in Nature

Starfire  Beads are available at Tres Leches Art Gallery.  It is located in the Northrup King Building, Studio #171-172, 1500 Jackson St. NE in Minneapolis, MN. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We're excited to be a member of this vibrant artist cooperative.

Starfire Beads are also available at Mii Amo Spa Boutique within the beautiful Enchantment Resort, located in the stunning  Boynton Canyon outside Sedona, AZ.

Please contact me if you'd like more information about any of the pieces.

We have a wide price range, with affordability for everyone.

 $ 45- $1800


I love the pivot places between things like sunrise and sunset, the tangible and intangible, the place where reality shifts.  What is going beyond the visible that interacts with us?  For me, a subtle powerful consciousness is moving there, and I love participating with it.

Before I started my practice, I worked designing high end jewelry sold mostly in art galleries nationwide. The process of creating something beautiful with color, light, and materials is magical.  Now after decades of exploring quantum physics and ageless wisdom traditions, I wanted to expand my expression and take my exploration of jewelry beyond what I knew. I explored prayer beads and medicine necklaces.  Like nature, each of these evoke participation beyond the physical.  They invite us to connect to a deeper, aware presence.

What is that power?  How are medicine beads different than jewelry?  How are these types of beads like nature?  What are they powerful to the experiencer?  What makes this happen?  This is my exploration with the beads.

When I visited the island of Pemba, in East Africa, I was told that the door is the most important part of a home.  It is a sacred portal connecting inner and outer worlds.  I want these beads to be just that: a sacred portal to something deep within or around you.

May you touch and be touched by these pieces, and make them yours.  





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